• Dan Quayle Backs Mitt Romney, Revealing Tears in Space-Time Continuum

    If you were wondering how Mitt Romney was going to overcome his fall in the polls, you have your answer.

    First, bring out the big guns and secure the endorsement of former vice president Dan Quayle. Then, build a time machine and return to a point in history when anyone cared about Dan Quayle…

    "Who's our best hope to take on President Obama? Mitt Romney," Quayle said to the cheers of about 200 people gathered in front of the Hermosa Inn. "I tell you one thing, folks. The Obama people, they believe he's the toughest competitor; they don't want to run against him. They'll take anyone but Mitt Romney. He is our best hope to change the direction of America."

    Quayle, vice president under President George H.W. Bush, a role in which he was best known for a series of gaffes, has largely shunned the political spotlight in recent years. The two men stood a short distance apart on a small platform in front of stands of cactuses, just down the street from where Quayle retired with his wife.

    C'mon, political press. You tell us Quayle emerged from his Arizona retirement burrow to step into the "spotlight" but refuse to say whether he saw his own shadow? Are we getting summer, err, morning in America, or are we going to get 4 more years of Obama?

    Anyway, getting the endorsement was pretty easy. Do you know how difficult it is to consistently spell Michele Bachmann? No extraneous "N's" or missing "L's" in Mitt Romney. But time travel is harder, right? Except here's Newt Gingrich, leading the GOP again. We must find a way to return to our own time, people!

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