• Jon Huntsman Is Not Not Saying That He Won't Run on a Third Party Ticket

    There is currently just-next-to-zero speculation that Jon Huntsman will be running for president as the Republican nominee.

    So, in comparison to that, there's actually quite a bit of speculation that Jon Huntsman will be running as a third-party candidate. And just as much excitement (comparatively speaking)…

    After vowing to run as a Republican or nothing at all, Huntsman gave himself a little wiggle room this week to be the nominee of Americans Elect, a well-funded nonprofit group well on its way to getting on the presidential ballot in all 50 states.

    The lagging GOP contender told The Daily he is "not even considering" an Americans Elect run, though he quickly added the qualifier "when I'm running as a Republican."

    Only two weeks ago, Huntsman told Fox News Sunday that he absolutely would not run as an independent and would support his party’s nominee.

    Ooooooohhhh… I get it. He won't run as a third-party candidate "when [he's] running as a Republican." That's like saying, "I didn't sleep with your sister." Very slick.

    Let's, for the sake of speculating about speculations, say that Huntsman is interested as running on the Americans Elect ticket. How exactly would that work?

    Americans Elect is creating an online presidential nominating process similar to the system used to select "American Idol" winners…

    Internet users will vote on the candidates, who will be chosen in successive rounds starting in April and ending no later than June. Users also will be able to suggest candidates and debate platforms.

    Aha. So, Jon Huntsman would actually have to win something to run for president as the Americans Elect nominee. I see…

    So, why are we even talking about this?

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