• Michele Bachmann's Memoir Sells a Whopping 3,000 Copies in Two Weeks

    In case you were unaware, Michele Bachmann — who, last night, looked deep within her heart and came to the revelatory (and understandable) conclusion that she does not want to be alone in a room with Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Donald Trump — has a new memoir out this month. It's called Core of Conviction, and it's about how she wants to convict all gay people of gayety and imprison them in the center of the Earth's core. Or something. I don't know for certain, but that seems like a reasonable assumption.

    Now, you (and Newt Gingrich (but mostly Newt Gingrich)) know how these things work. Releasing a book as a presidential candidate is less about chipping away at the façade of public image you've constructed over a lifetime and laying bare the feeling hurting yearning human beneath than it is a quick and efficient means of pumping your personal bank account full of money. Because, let's face it: You can always counting on people to buy a book written by a person running for presidential. Always always always!

    Except for sometimes

    Michele Bachmann's weak poll numbers may be showing up in slow sales of her memoir, Core of Conviction. In the two weeks since the book was released, it's sold just 3,000 copies despite a media blitz and numerous book-signing events by Bachmann…

    As of 5 PM ET on Wednesday, the book ranked 4,200 on Amazon's bestseller list, although it ranked 62 on the site's political bestseller list.

    Truth be told, I'm actually pretty impressed she moved a full three thousand units in just two weeks. That seems pretty good for something that everyone knows is little more than a glorified stump speech from a person whose stump was all but taken away from her several months ago?

    Although, if you assume each of her foster kids bought a copy…

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