• Liveblog: ABC News/GOP Debate from Iowa

    10:51 – I gotta say, I was hoping for a little more blood on the ice, but — considering this was the 752nd debate of this season, it was remarkably entertaining.

    What did you think? Who won? Let us know in the comments. And thanks for watching with us.

    10:48 – Oh, wow! It ended 12 minutes early! It's Christmas miracle!

    10:47 – Michele Bachmann: "You can't have a debate without saying '9-9-9.'" Apparently.

    10:46 – Did Newt Gingrich just say that Rick Perry engaged him three years ago? I'm sure Callista knew this day would come.

    10:35 – I'd like to say that I'm watching this debate on a Saturday night because I'm getting to do so. But really, it's because I hate myself.

    10:32 - @anamariecox: "For those of you who took 'Newt citing his own books' in the #iowadebate drinking game: You have rides home, yes?"

    10:28 – Romney: "States can do whatever the heck the want to do." Oh, except allow gay marriage.

    10:26 – Rick Santorum is fortunate in that he had very little financial hardship in his life. Mostly because he makes sure gay people don't get near him.

    10:24 - @TheInDecider: "Romney: The last time I experienced financial hardship was before I was born. #iowadebate"

    10:20 – So, the last time Rick Perry had a financial strain was when he was 5 or 6? Mitt Romney must be sweating bullets over this.

    10:16 – Is it even possible for conservatives to enjoy Republican debates as much as liberals do?

    10:13 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Hey, guys. Let's stop talking about things I don't understand and get back to bashing Obama."

    10:12 - @jaketapper: "the line removed from the Romney book on health care reform was "We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country.” #$10,000Bet"

    10:09 – Newt Gingrich: "I'm a Reaganite. I'm proud to be a Reaganite." Can't believe it took more than an hour for someone to invoke the Holy Name.

    10:08 – I never get tired of hearing Newt Gingrich refer to himself as a "historian." It's like hearing Carrot Top refer to himself as a "humorist."

    10:05 – Nobody condescendingly fearmongers like Newt.

    10:04 – Sometimes, it's so much fun listening to Ron Paul talk I forget how not fun it is to listen to Ron Paul talk sometimes.

    10:02 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Mexican people are being released… and allowed to go out and be Mexican!"

    10:01 - @TheDweck: "As the candidates discussed marital fidelity, Newt Gingrich was sweating like a Newt Gingrich."

    10:00 – Do you know what's the most shocking thing about this debate so far? It's entertaining. We're already halfway done!

    9:55 – Is Callista Gingrich a different person than Cindy McCain? Or are she just using aliases?

    9:54 – Mitt Romney: "I don't have a core." Actual quote.

    9:53 –  Newt still hasn't gotten to talk about adultery, though everyone else has. He's got so many "frankly"s built up, he's going to explode!

    9:49 – Perry: "If you will cheat on your wife, if you will cheat on your business partner, why won't you cheat on your business partner?" Everybody gets to talk but Newt Gingrich. He's having an aneurism right now.

    9:46 – Was that Fred Thompson that I just saw on my television? Or am I having another '08 flashback?

    9:43 - @fivethirtyeight: "Keep in mind that it really is a six-candidate race in Iowa. Anybody on this stage could win the state." Oh, are they making Rick Santorum stand in the wings? That's so unfair.

    9:41 – It's really entertaining hearing Michele Bachmann say, "When I'm president…"

    9:39 – Rick Santorum is talking. Bathroom break, everyone!

    9:36 – Mitt Romney wanted to make a $10,000 bet with Rick Perry. Are Mormons allowed to gamble?

    9:34 – Wow, Romney really seems to have overdid it with the instant tanner. Looks like he's campaigning to be Speaker of the House.

    9:31 – Newt: "Michele, a lot of what you say just isn't true. Period." Talk about an evergreen statement.

    9:30 – Michele Bachmann really dislikes this "Newt Romney" guy.

    9:28 – Michele Bachmann looks really good for being 55 years old. I'll bet Marcus really knows how to moisturize.

    9:26 – We've moved on to Ron Paul, but I'm still too embarrassed for Romney to pay full attention.

    9:23 – Why doesn't Mitt Romney just respond with, "If Newt hadn't been chased out of the House in disgrace after multitudinous corruption charges, maybe he'd still be a career legislator"?

    9:21 – Newt Gingrich lands a hard one right in Romney's jaw. Blood all over the mat!

    9:19 – Ron Paul looks good. He must have been pumped full of fresh blood.

    9:18 – Mitt Romney's "gold grip" joke didn't go over as well as it did in simulations this afternoon.

    9:17 – Did you see Newt's face? He's so angry that other people get to talk. Somebody needs to remind him that he's not president yet.

    9:13 – The real reason Santorum won't give a four year plan: the Rapture.

    9:12 – Why won't Rick Santorum just man up and tell everybody the real problem behind manufacturing issues in the U.S.: gay butt sex.

    9:11 – The things you learn from Michele Bachmann: Energy is illegal in America.

    9:10 – For real, Bachmann? I thought we were going to go a whole debate without having to hear "9-9-9."

    9:09 – Thought for a second that he was going to pass out from forgetting to breath. But then he took a breath. He was coached well.

    9:08 – No fuck-ups from Rick Perry so far. Oh, wait a minute. He's getting ready to talk…

    9:00 – Well, here we are. The first debate in which Newt Gingrich gets to, not only stand on the stage instead of in the back with the extra chairs, but stand waaaaay up front. Finally, Newt gets to shine!

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