• Mitt Romney Is a Naughty Boy

    Don't take my word, take Mitt Romney's wife's word (please)…

    "Mitt is not what you think at home," [Ann] Romney said at a campaign event on Friday designed to court women voters in Iowa. "He is my most disobedient child."

    "The five boys — can you imagine at the dinner table — they never behaved," she said, "and Mitt was the worst of all."

    This is, of course, part of Team Romney's ongoing effort to prove that their candidate is a real boy — a tousled hair here, a human-like facial expression there — but it only accentuates the campaign's tin ear for talking points. Sure, you can feed an equation for relatable + family + domestic themes into a computer, and it will return a printout that says "disobedient children at dinner," but does that read presidential candidate? That doesn't even read janitorial candidate.

    Instead of getting their wires tangled in this complicated flesh-and-blood stuff, maybe the Romneys should play up Mitt's true bot-self. After all, look where being human got Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich, for that matter. Embrace it, Mitt! "I Am Not Programmed to Touch Anyone Except My Wife" makes a better slogan than "Hey, I Put Mashed Potatoes in Tagg's Pants."

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