• Liveblog: Newt Gingrich-Jon Huntsman Debate in New Hampshire

    UPDATE: For anyone who wants to relive that wild ride, C-SPAN will be broadcasting the debate later tonight. Please check your local listings and take a load off. You've earned it.

    5:26 – That's it, everybody! Thanks for sticking it out with us! Who won? Who lost? Who had their remaining sliver of hope for American politics slightly bolstered or torn asunder altogether? Tell us in the comments.

    5:25 – Does anyone else think Donald Trump just watched this and thanked God he's probably not going to have to moderate one of these?

    5:25 – There weren't any "gotcha" moments, says Newt. He's right. Of course, the only way you get one of those is if Rick Perry's there.

    5:22 – Closing statements coming up! Woo!

    5:17 – Gingrich: "It is impractical to ask the Chinese to match us in stupidity." Does anyone else think he missed his true calling as a stand-up comic?

    5:16 – Gingrich actual quote: "The Pacific is enormous." Hey, his geography teacher story checks out.

    5:15 – Gingrich admits that Huntsman knows a lot more about China than he does. Of course, Huntsman also knows more about China than Confucius did.

    5:14 – Huntsman just spoke Chinese! This is exactly the kind of behavior that wins you the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

    5:12 – My feed was just interrupted by an ad, but Huntsman's still on China. In other news, Rick Perry is busy looking for Solyndra on a map.

    5:10 – Huntsman knows a) What the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution were, and b) When they happened. It's like he thinks the presidential election is a pop quiz.

    5:08 – The audience can't stop laughing! Did they have a warm-up comic come in to make fun of their state or something? What with their "Live Free Or Die" license plates wacky libertarian worldviews.

    5:06 – Huntsman: "We're probably not looking at a massive land war any time soon." That's good. I've got ice skating plans this weekend.

    5:05 – Gingrich used to teach geography. Just like everything else.

    5:02 – Huntsman says the problem of terrorism isn't going away. Damn. I was kind of hoping it would.

    5:00 – Is anyone else reminded of what the Lincoln-Douglas debates must've been like? Except the topic isn't so much the westward expansion of American slavery as it is "how to give two candidates a boost against Romney."

    4:58 – Hearing Gingrich say "i-Pads and i-Phones" reminds me of my dead grandfather saying "i-Pads and i-Phones."

    4:55 – Huntsman just said his daughter is nodding off in the crowd. So funny! AND she's his chief foreign policy adviser? Oh Huntsman, you rogue you!

    4:54 – Gingrich says Congress has devastatingly crippled the American intelligence system. It must've been hard for the Democrats to accomplish all that in just three years…

    4:53 – Why does Gingrich always sound like he's rushing through a response that he's been over dozens of times already? Does he have a book signing to get to or something?

    4:51 – There is no blue sky between the U.S. and Israel, says Jon Huntsman. Not sure what that means, but doesn't it sound pretty?

    4:49 – The moderator just referenced the Arab Spring, followed by Arab Summer, Arab Fall and Arab Winter. But with global warming, only a couple of those will be left in a few years. So why worry?

    4:46 – Huntsman's bringing up the fall of the Ottoman Empire? I'm waiting for these guys to just throw out as many historical dates and events as they can, completely devoid of context. $10,000 says Gingrich brings up the Magna Carta before this is over.

    4:43 – Huntsman wants to figure out how to "improve" the Middle East. Unless "improve" means "bomb a lot," he doesn't have my attention.

    4:40 – Is all this talk of nuclear weapons giving anyone else a hollow, empty feeling, like life could end at any moment's notice? Well, it's either the nukes or Gingrich.

    4:37 – Huntsman doesn't want us to keep lecturing Israel. Nice of you to say, Jon, but there's no need – there are only seven Jews in New Hampshire.

    4:36 – Huntsman lived overseas? I hadn't heard.

    4:35 – Newt Gingrich has been trying to "use clear language recently to get people's attention." Because the jowls alone weren't getting it done.

    4:34 – Gingrich just said taking out all of the Iranian nuclear facilities by bombing is "a fantasy." But a Newt Gingrich presidency, on the other hand…

    4:32 – The moderator just promised "no bells, no buzzers…" But are there ear plugs in case Ron Paul shows up?

    4:30 – Newt Gingrich actual quote: "…IF we wind up in a real mess in the Persian Gulf." That's like Bush saying "…IF a bad hurricane were to hit New Orleans."

    4:29 – Huntsman just called India "lively and colorful." (Read: not many white people?)

    4:26 – That Newt Gingrich really likes to talk about the Cold War. I wonder what is favorite Bond movie is.

    4:24 – Newt Gingrich doesn't see taking down the tribes in Afghanistan as a purely military process. BO-RING!

    4:22 – Gingrich is talking about extreme wealth coexisting in close vicinity with desperate poverty. This is a problem for him?

    4:21 – Newt's making jokes about his time in congress. Is that really what he wants to remind people about?

    4:20 – …BUT Pakistan has nuclear weapons and we need to prevent proliferation! Ah, this is so complicated! I wish Rick Perry were here to tell me the way things really are.

    4:19 – Jon Huntsman doesn't think our aid to Pakistan is helping our perception abroad…

    4:18 – Huntsman is talking about what it must be like to run a "tribal country." He should ask a Democratic organizer.

    4:16 – Huntsman wants to cut and run, it sounds like. (That's my immediate reaction when anyone talks about foreign policy for this long without shouting KILL!)

    4:15 – By the way, watch the debate here. Because what else are you doing?

    4:14 – Huntsman wants a strong national "core." Maybe he can get one for Romney too?

    4:11 – Apparently there was a coin toss before the debate. Well, I guess Newt might weigh close to a linebacker…

    4:10 – Ginrich: "So what do you guys want to talk about?" Ba-dum! He'll be here all week. But not really.

    4:09 – Huntsman was just introduced. If he says "thank you" one more time…well, it'd just be an awkward number of times for any one person to say "thank you."

    4:09 – Just three minutes for an opener? Lincoln and Douglas must be spinning in their graves.

    4:07 – There are 10 foreign policy topics to be discussed tonight. China's one of them! Huntsman paid dearly for that, I'm sure.

    4:06 – The host is explaining the Lincoln-Douglas debate format and telling the audience to be quiet the whole time. It's like he's an SAT proctor.

    4:05 – The audience's applause there exactly mirrors my excitement for the next 90 minutes or so.

    3:59 – Hey everyone, we'll be starting in just a minute. Get ready for excitement, etc. and so forth…

    Gingrich photo by Kevork Djansezian, Huntsman photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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