• Chelsea Clinton to Nobly Serve Humanity by Becoming a Celebrity

    While the daughters of other famous politicians were off famewhoring themselves to the nearest cable news network, posing as serious journalists or “strategists,” Democratic scion Chelsea Clinton remained largely impervious to the temptations of political celebrity. Until now. Clinton’s transition from private citizen to Meghan McCain-izen was completed last night as she made her debut on NBC’s Rock Center with a cloying human interest story about an Arkansas after-school program for poor kids.

    Sure, she's cashing in on the Clinton name, bypassing hundreds of more qualified professional journalists, to report on the political equivalent of cute cat videos. But she's doing it FOR THE CHILDREN. Just like her dead grandmother told her to. How dare you question the dying wishes of Dorothy Rodham!

    As far as I'm concerned, Chelsea Clinton is performing a valuable public service. No, not by highlighting Americans who are making a difference in their communities, but by getting us all accustomed to seeing her face on TV everyday.

    Trust me, you'll thank her next year when she's running for Congress.

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