• U.S. Congress Now Considered Less Trustworthy Than Lobbyists

    You've probably heard tell of this trend in a story or two (or fifty-six), but people these days are not particularly keen on the people we have representing us in the U.S. Congress. At all!

    Why, you may ask, do people feel this way? Maybe it's just a natural swing of the pendulum public opinion, as pendulums are wont to swing. Or maybe it's because there's overwhelming evidence that they're actively working in opposition to the interests of the voters who gave them their jobs. Who can say?!

    Just how low is public opinion of Congress? Funny you should ask. You know those people on whom corporations dump millions of dollars to sway congressional support away from things that you want and towards things that they want? Some people call them "lobbyists." Others call them, "the guy who's picking up the check at dinner tonight."

    Anyway, those people were just found to be more morally and ethically upright than your elected representative

    To be fair, lobbyists actually are doing the job that they were sent to Washington to do.

    So, you know.

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