• Congress Ready to Stop Being Congress for Awhile

    Rank-and-file lawmakers are ready to give up and quit for the holidays already. Why? Well

    Congressional leaders are sneering at each other across the aisle and from one end of the Capitol to the other, locked in yet another year-end death match over massive bills that have real-world implications for every American.

    Blah, blah, blah, etc. and so forth. What's going on is Harry Reid, who's a professional lawmaker who earns money by going to Washington, D.C. to help make laws, is having problems with a number of other professional lawmakers – who are paid to do the very same thing! – over whether certain laws should be made.

    What laws, you ask? Why, every kind of law. Can they agree on whether to cut unemployment benefits? No. Can they find common ground on a massive oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast? Nope. But surely they can see somewhat eye-to-eye on whether loopholes allowing wealthy Americans to avoid paying their taxes should be ended, right?


    I cannot stress enough that lawmaking is not a hobby for any of these people. It's the main thing they get paid to do.

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