• Michele Bachmann Has a Very Presidential Uterus

    It's December, that special time of year when Republican candidates focus their energy on Iowa and turn the primary into a pro-life pissing contest.

    Last night in Des Moines, Rick Santorum took credit for every single anti-abortion bill ever passed in the Senate, Rick Perry reminded voters that he defunded a ton of women's health clinics in Texas, and New Gingrich promised to pass a law stating that life begins at conception

    But Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann may have topped them all. She not only pledged to be "the most pro-life president in history," but touted credentials none of her rivals could match.

    "I will be the first president of the United States who has willingly participated with the Lord our God Almighty in bringing forth human life," said Bachmann, the mother of five children.

    Michele Bachmann: Giver of Life, Mother of Earth, and fire-breathing fertility goddess. Or, you know, just a regular woman with woman-parts.

    It's ironic that Bachmann would use her female identity — the thing that should help her understand the need for greater reproductive rights — to help rob women of their bodily freedom. But irony is a tough concept for her to master, you know, like geography, normal eye contact and "beards."

    Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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