• Stunningly, Congress Does Its Job For Once

    It’s been a grueling regular workweek of early nights, not reading important documents and making frivolous cable news appearances, but Congress has finally done it.

    They’ve passed a bill that will keep the fed running through next year, preventing yet another disruptive government shutdown scare

    By a vote of 296-121, the House on Friday passed legislation to complete funding of the federal government through the end of the fiscal year on September 30. Eighty-six Republicans and 35 Democrats each voted against their party leaders on the measure…

    To avoid the risk of even a temporary government shutdown, the House also passed a brief stopgap measure called a continuing resolution, which, if needed, will buy the Senate time to complete all of its work, in the event that it lasts into or through the weekend.

    Well done, congressmen, well done. You actually did your job. You're the 10th-year senior who finally got it together and graduated with a communications degree. In any other country, this would be a sign of severe dysfunction, the first stage of complete democratic collapse. But in America's hysterical hyper-partisan environment, it's a major milestone. Congrats. You didn't fail.

    I know, I know. It's hard to be a public servant and actually serve the public these days. Special interests are throwing themselves at you, offering to suck your copyright bill in return for financial favors. But you have to be strong! For the children — the children whose health and education programs you probably just cut.

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