• Mitt Romney Is Such a Practical Joker!

    And now unveiling the latest model of Mitt Romney, the down-to-earth prankster!

    Cindy Gillespie, who worked with Romney at the 2002 Winter Olympics and was a top gubernatorial aide, recalls that one time a trooper traveling with the governor short-sheeted his hotel bed as a prank. Romney, realizing what had happened, wrote a bogus letter to himself on hotel stationery pretending to be the manager, apologizing and saying the maid had been fired. When the trooper found out, he was stunned. Only then did Romney reveal it was a joke.

    Batteries not included.

    But in all seriousness, I think this reveals a lot about Romney. A blue-collar state employee plays a jovial prank on the governor, who responds with a joke of his own about another blue-collar worker losing her livelihood.

    What's not funny about that?

    Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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