• Mitt Romney Getting Warmer on Whole "Having a Sense of Humor" Thing

    If you've been following Mitt Romney lately, you might've noticed yourself laughing more often. (And not just at how comically stilted he is when having to interact with the common man on whom his bid for the presidency theoretically depends.)

    No, Romney is bringing the funny for real. After it surfaced that he knows what practical jokes are and even played one once, his campaign figured it'd be easier just to have him be a guy who has a sense of humor now. To wit

    When several reporters [at lunch time on the campaign trail] didn't leap at his offers of turkey and roast beef subs, Romney joked, "What do you guys want, filet mignon with some brie? . . . Arugula? That's the John Kerry bus back there."

    Ha ha ha. Nice try, Romney, but you overshot the mark. Any true red-blooded conservative wouldn't know what those foods are.

    Maybe you should tag along on Rick Perry's bus for a while, where every meal is a bison you have to shoot and dress yourself. Served with a generous side of homophobia.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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