• Mitt Romney Is Not a Frightened Little Child Who's Afraid to Debate Newt Gingrich!

    If there's one thing I know about Newt Gingrich, it's that he likes challenging people and things to one-on-one debates. (Unfortunately, though, I know more than one thing about him, like how he plans not to support gays whatsoever as president, and how his face kind of jiggles when he talks in this way that's pretty remarkable.)

    But anyway, Romney's not taking Newt's bait. As he explains above in an aristocratic honk that desperately needs to become a folksy drawl, he's refusing Gingrich's challenge to a one-on-one debate. But it's not because he's a pretty little girl in a pretty little dress who doesn't think he can beat beat him.

    No. It's because Romney doesn't want to "narrow this down to a two-person race while there's still a number of other candidates who are viable." Exactly! For Romney, it's all about showing respect to them.

    Or more to the point, it's about showing respect to the fact that Romney never debated Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, or Herman Cain one-on-one and they all imploded on their own.

    So Newt, if you could finish up that whole implosion thing soon, that'd be great.

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