• Quote Unquote: Make-Believe People I Have Known

    PolitiFact editor Bill Adair writes about some "people" that he "met," in an editorial justifying his site's choice for "Lie of the Year"

    "At a Republican campaign rally a few years ago, I asked one of the attendees how he got his news. 'I listen to Rush and read NewsMax,' he said. 'And to make sure I'm getting a balanced view, I watch Fox.'

    "My liberal friends get their information from distinctly different sources — Huffington Post, Daily Kos and Rachel Maddow. To make sure they get a balanced view, they click Facebook links — from their liberal friends."

    You know, I used to know this guy who was always inventing these make-believe over-the-top caricatures and then writing about the crazy things that they did and said as a means of kind of exonerating himself for the silly things that he himself would do or say. And you know what? That guy was hunted down and eaten by a pack of crazed weasels.

    True story.

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