• Michele Bachmann Heckled by Gay Robot

    Before you continue reading, this post has absolutely nothing to do with either Marcus Bachmann or Mitt Romney. So, if that's what you came here looking for, really, don't waste your time.

    Having made that disclaimer, here is Michele Bachmann being heckled by a gay robot in Iowa last week…

    That certainly was a video of Michele Bachmann being heckled by a gay robot. Like it or not, you can't accuse us of selling you a bill of gay robot-related goods.

    As if it's not bad enough that this gay robot is gay and is a robot (which calls to mind uncomfortable associations with science), he's also a professor at a secular university

    The man behind the mask is Kembrew McLeod, an associate professor at the University of Iowa. He also heckled Bill Clinton in 2007, when the former president was campaigning in Iowa City for his wife, Hillary. McLeod told TPM that a random heckler shouting at a candidate isn’t especially noteworthy. But a robot shouting at a candidate ensures that the message will be heard. His motivation?

    "I've been really distraught by the mean-spirited rhetoric" among the Republican candidates, McLeod told TPM. He didn't say much more to Bachmann — he did, however, call her a "robophobe."

    This whole thing is absurd for a bunch of reasons. First of all, robots can't be "distraught." While I'll grant you that a robot may be sentient, they're certainly not sapient, and, as such, are not capable of feeling human emotions like distress.

    But mostly, everybody knows that gay people — and robots — are a "myth" promulgated by Alfred Kinsey and Isaac Asimov to further their secular science-fiction nerd agendas.

    Nice try, gay robot, but you're not fooling anyone.

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