• Tennessee School Prohibits Homosexuality

    In news that's too stereotypically predictable to even qualify as news

    A private school in Tennessee has banned all mention of homosexuality because, administrators say, it is forbidden in the Bible.

    Please. Come on, Tennessee. The South doesn't like gay people — we've been there, done that. What else ya got?

    According to University of Memphis law professor Steve Mulroy, the policy is legal because there is no state or federal law preventing such discriminatory rules regarding gay people.

    Okay, you're not only effectively prohibiting an entire sexual orientation, but you're defending your legal right to do so. I like it. But I think you can still do better…

    One parent of a student at Rossville Christian Academy in Rossville, Tenn., told WREG News that they believe the policy change is aimed at one particular gay student at the 300-student school for grades K-12.

    Wow! Singling out a single student for not complying with the social or religious norms of your school! You're raising the stakes, Tennessee. South Carolina better put up some more Confederate flags if it wants to stay competitive.

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