• Newt Gingrich and Romneycare, Sittin' in a Tree

    To anyone who's worried that Newt will run away with the nomination too easily, fear not

    Newt Gingrich voiced enthusiasm for Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health-care plan as recently as five years ago, the same plan he has been denouncing over the last few months as he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination.

    This may seem damaging to Gingrich's prospects, but really, it just shows that facts change over time. Understanding this is what being a historian's all about. For example, in 1980, it was Newt Gingrich who wanted a divorce. But in the winter of 2011, it was his wife Jackie. Distance + time = whatever you want, that's historianism 101.

    Either that or Newt really does admire Mitt Romney, and wanted to pay homage by saying one thing and then saying a completely different thing.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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