• Newt Gingrich's New Campaign Slogan: "Meh"

    This is it! The final push! The last week before the Iowa caucuses—the event that can make or break a presidential candidate. Perry's fired up the ol' campaign bus again, Santorum's gone pheasant hunting with Iowa bigwigs, and Romney's in full attack mode.

    But Newt, he’s takin' it easy

    Newt Gingrich has predicted for several weeks that he'd regain momentum in Iowa in the last week before the caucuses, with a bus tour taking him to numerous cities around the state.

    The problem is, the bus tour seems to keep losing stops.

    See, on December 19, Newt "promised a 44-stop 'jobs and prosperity' tour before the voting on Jan. 3." Then, just last Friday, campaign officials announced that Newt was "planning to turn to a sharp 'jobs and growth' message both on the airwaves and in over 30 appearances" in the final week before the caucuses.

    And today, the Des Moines Register reports

    The "Iowa Jobs and Prosperity Bus Tour" will make 22 stops between now and the Jan. 3 caucuses. That's exactly half of the 44 he said he would make last week when announcing the tour during a stop in Davenport.

    By next week, Newt's expected to have three-eighths of a campaign stop and a press conference with Joe the Plumber's former roommate's brother-in-law, and that's because campaigning is hard work. It's not nearly as easy as, say, making wildly hyperbolic comparisons about your own place in American history or divorcing various wives.

    As the candidate himself said this week, trying to get on the Virginia ballot was exactly like fighting against the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. So the fact that he's coming back to Iowa at all should earn him the Medal of Honor, or at least a Purple Heart.

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