• Arlen Specter Does Stand-Up, Recycles Jokes

    Much to the internet's delight, Pennsylvania's former Republican/Democratic senator Arlen Specter dropped by a Philadelphia comedy club last night to do an open-mic set. Get it? He's a politician telling jokes, but politicians are jokes–take Newt Gingrich's wives (please).

    Longtime fans of Specter's comedy will notice some familiar bits in that clip. There's the "that's a true story, you don't get many of those out of Washington" aside, the $10 Viagra bit and the Bill and Hillary Clinton "I just shaved" joke, which he's previously told (subbing Bob and Liddy Dole).

    See for yourself: Compare last night's set to Specter's performance during the 2007 Funniest Celebrity in Washington contest after the jump.

    Still, let's give the man a hand for getting up and doing his thing. As another well-known politician once said, "The facts with which I shall deal this evening are mainly old and familiar; nor is there anything new in the general use I shall make of them. If there shall be any novelty, it will be in the mode of presenting the facts, and the inferences and observations following that presentation… the Aristocrats!"

    Top image from video by David Swanson/Philly.com

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