• Holding Out Hope for the Second Coming of Sarah Palin

    She was beaten and bloodied by a relentless barrage of lashes from the liberal blogosphere. She was forced to carry upon her anguished back the full weight of conservative idealism in America while the jeering cries of grotesque naysayers rang resoundingly in her ears. And finally, she was crucified by the lamestream media for the sin of loving her country too much. And, thus, was she forced to ascend back to her home in Alaska, and out of the Republican primary race, leaving her followers frightened and confused. Alone.

    But if there's one thing that the conservative Moral Majority community of America's heartland knows better than anything else, it's that their savior will return one day to smite their enemies and rain fire upon the unjust. So long, that is, as they keep faith in their hearts

    Two thousand years from now, teenagers will be sitting around the table for the Feast of Wasilla having to endure scolding aunts and uncles who contend that, but for kids those days overly-liberal hairstyles and clothes, The Great Sarah would have already returned to claim her rightful seat as the Ultimate Republican Nominee.

    Mark my words.

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