• Indiana Lawmaker Proposes a Fine for Botching the Anthem

    Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem at the Super Bowl

    America's War on Its Own Anthem has a new commander-in-chief: Meet Indiana state senator Vaneta Becker, who has proposed legislation that would levy a $25 fine on anyone who violates "performance standards" for "The Star-Spangled Banner" during events sponsored by the state's public schools or universities.

    The only tricky part now is defining those standards, because as everyone knows, legislating about music is like dancing about architecture…

    What is and what is not "acceptable," according to Becker's bill, would be determined by the State Department of Education, with input from the Commission for Higher Education.

    Becker said she would expect the guidelines to require that the national anthem be sung with the usual lyrics to the traditional melody — "the way that we normally have it sung or heard throughout most of our state and our country."

    In other words, off-key and with the wrong words.

    (Via the always-delightful Pat's Papers)

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