• Mitt Romney Vows to Crush Your Child's Dream

    Republicans are known for their stiff opposition to government programs that benefit immigrants, children and other disadvantaged groups. But it's not everyday that a presidential candidate promises to literally destroy an immigrant child’s DREAM

    Mitt Romney said Saturday that he would veto legislation that would allow certain illegal residents to become American citizens.

    "The answer is yes," Romney said during a campaign stop here in western Iowa, when he was asked if he would refuse to sign what's known as the DREAM Act.

    Romney has said before that he would oppose the legislation, which would legalize some young illegal immigrants if they attend college or serve in the military. But Saturday was the first time he's explicitly said he would veto it.

    It's simple. If those kids wanted to be legal citizens so badly, they shouldn’t have allowed themselves to be carried across the border when they were babies.

    As a former management consultant, Romney surely knows just how expensive a child's citizenship can be. For every 3,928 dreams funded, the U.S. could purchase one nuclear missile, a half a predator drone or part of Warren Buffett's elbow.

    While some voters will be disappointed with Romney’s firm disavowal of the DREAM Act, it's totally in line with his previous opposition to the National PUPPY RAINBOW Bill and the Emotional BLACKMAIL Act of 2005.

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