• Barack Obama Acknowledges Existence of Democratic Iowa Caucuses

    In the midst of this tortuous, agonizing path that the Republicans have chosen on the way to nominating Mitt Romney, it can be easy to forget that the Democrats are a political party too. A political party with voters and nominating procedures and goals that it theoretically tries to achieve at the local and national levels.

    But Barack Obama hasn't forgotten. He proved this by speaking to a group of Iowa Democrats, who held nominating caucuses of their own tonight. You can almost smell the shined-on confidence

    When asked if Obama still believes in hope and change, he replied: "In some ways, I'm actually more optimistic now than when I first ran. We've already seen change take place — 2012 is about reminding the American people how far we've traveled."

    He's right, we have seen change take place. We've seen Barack Obama the charismatic, energetic presidential candidate change into Barack Obama the embattled, largely ineffectual President of the United States.

    And it is kind of inspiring to see how far we've traveled. Especially considering the kind of shape our highways are in.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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