• Jon Huntsman to Finish Seventh, Could Be Tonight's Big Winner

    It's looking like Jon Huntsman is going to be finishing seventh tonight, which is not surprising, since I think the only time he spent in Iowa this season was during a two-hour layover on his way to some place that was not Iowa.

    However — if Nate Silver's somewhat prescient speculation from earlier today has anything to say about it — with tonight's ménage à trois between Romney, Santorum and Paul, it may very well be Huntsman who ends up with the happy ending

    Mr. Huntsman might be hoping for a highly ambiguous finish, especially an effective three-way… would leave no candidate with demonstrable momentum. That would free up news bandwidth for him in New Hampshire, where his polling is stronger but where he will have to compete with several other candidates for attention.

    The less news coming out of Iowa, the more time the news media will have to speculate about whether it is finally Mr. Huntsman’s turn to surge.

    Conversely, the loss of Bachmann and Perry could losen up some Evangelical votes and send Santorum to the top of the pack.

    Hahahaha. Just kidding. Yeah, but anyway, I wonder if this Huntsman thing could actually happen.

    Photo by Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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