• Newt Gingrich: Latin Lover

    Now that the Iowa caucuses have officially begun, the GOP race has turned into a good old-fashioned pander-off.

    Mitt Romney got a strong start right out of the gate telling voters his wealthy American Motors CEO father was just "a guy who made Ramblers." Rick Santorum is hard at work solidifying the sweater-vest coalition. And Ron Paul is firing up his army of gun-happy Internet commenters.

    But the early lead goes to El Newto Gingrich

    Newt Gingrich promises to make English the official language of government, but on Monday he sent an e-mail appeal in Spanish asking for support at the Iowa caucuses.

    With the subject line, "Ayudenos en Iowa," the message continued in Spanish: "The Hispanic community is so important to the success of this campaign and you can make all the difference by making calls and getting the citizens of Iowa to vote on Jan. 3"…

    For years before he became a candidate, Mr. Gingrich sought to build bridges to Hispanic voters… He started a Spanish-language news site, the Americano, aimed at Spanish-speaking conservatives.

    Critics claim it's hypocritical for Newt to demand an English-only policy when he's campaigning in Spanish, but it makes perfect sense. You see, English can be the official language of the United States, or the entire world, because Newt clearly lives on another planet.

    His ideas are so lofty and bold that he wafts high above the Beltway in a cloud of hot air and book deals. In Newtland, people can speak Spanish, French or whatever language they want, as long as it's in the form of a 14-hour intermission-less Lincoln-Douglas debate.

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