• Rick Perry's Just Like John McCain, Except for Becoming the Nominee

    Sam Brownback, current governor of Kansas and former non-GOP nominee, is making a bold prediction about Rick Perry, current governor of Texas and future non-GOP nominee…

    "Perry’s getting his sea legs under him. Things are stabilizing and moving up. The organization is coming in. And he can put together the resources."

    Fine, so maybe saying Perry has "stabilized" isn't so much a bold prediction as it is a grim acceptance that this is what a stable Rick Perry campaign looks like. But just listen to Brownback's answer when asked if Perry could keep raising money…

    "Well, look at McCain last time. Remember him? He got money at the outset, and then tanks," Brownback said. "But then you crawl back up, and he ends up being the nominee."

    McCain, yes, I do remember him. He was the guy who fought through a difficult primary season, defied many experts' expectations and lost decisively.

    Hey, maybe it's not such a bad comparison.

    Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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