• Dan Savage on Rick Santorum's Anti-Straight Agenda

    Dan Savage — who many people think might be the true winner of Tuesday's caucuses — was on Keith Olbermann's show that apparently still exists on some channel that may or may not exist in people's cable boxes to discuss newly-minted Republican Wonder Boy Rick Santorum's long-standing war against heterosexuals

    "An overwhelming amount of Americans, including Catholic Americans, use birth control. One of the constant things I’m reminding people about Rick Santorum is he doesn’t have merely an anti-gay agenda, he has an anti-straight agenda too. He’s against birth control, he’s against abortion, he’s against pornography, he’s against all sorts of things that straight people use and enjoy frequently."

    I see Savage's point, but I think I'm going to have to disagree.

    The way I see it, being straight is a choice. If these straights don't like having their "straight lifestyle" infringed upon by legislators, then why don't they just go and be something else? And, quite frankly, good riddance to them. We don't need them walking around being straight in front of our children.

    You know that's what they want, right? They want to teach your children straight. Don't trust me. Google it.

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