• Boston Globe Endorses Barack Obama for GOP Nomination

    The Boston Globe finally weighed in on the Republican race and endorsed President Obama.

    Well, indirectly

    Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign received a major boost on Thursday evening when the former Utah governor received the endorsement of the Boston Globe, the most influential paper in New Hampshire…

    The actual substance of the endorsement may not make conservative hearts swoon — focused, as it is, on Huntsman's cooperation with the Obama administration — but in the Granite State, where independents can vote in the Republican primary, it's a big time coup.

    See, by drawing voters toward Huntsman and away from Romney, the Globe is giving a huge boost to not-Romney frontrunner Rick Santorum, who has about the same chance of beating Obama as a jarred fetus.

    What explains Boston's deep-seated resentment toward Romney, their native son? Well, it appears he violated the cardinal rule of every working-class Boston stock-movie character: Never forget where you came from.

    Sure, Romney was happy being the governor for a while, but then he decided to go big-time and get all fancy, talkin' shit about us and our universal health care. Now he's wicked famous and wants to come back here and get our support? No way in hell. Go Pats.

    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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