• Mitt Romney, Secret Mexican

    Mitt Romney laughs in New HampshireHere's an inspiring story that reflects the true melting-potness of America: a humble millionaire with family in Mexico could be our next president…

    It's a little-known fact that there's a whole branch of Mitt Romney's family living south of the border, including his second cousin Leighton Romney, and about 40 other relatives descended from religious pioneers who first traveled to Mexico 125 years ago. These days, the Romneys of Mexico enjoy pleasant and productive lives in two remaining settlements: Colonia Juarez and Colonia Dublan, just 175 miles south of the border.

    Romney does enjoy telling people that his relatives fled the United States because of "religious persecution," but apparently he has been less forthcoming about other details, for instance a) that the fleeing bit was probably also motivated by anti-polygamy laws in the United States; and b) that his father George was born in Mexico and lived there until he was five years old.

    No matter! The fleeing members of the family never gave up their U.S. citizenship, and "the Romneys of Mexico" (which would make a delightful HBO miniseries, btw) reportedly maintain dual citizenship, so I'm sure nobody will overreact to this news at all, for example by accusing Mitt Romney or his relatives of being illegal, or having ties to illegals, or being somehow un-American.

    Looking at you, Matt Romney.

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