• Newt Gingrich Occupies Mitt Romney

    Will you just look at this disgusting left-wing anti-capitalist propaganda…


    Whose Super PAC is this? Is this a MoveOn thing? No, it says here that Winning Our Future is a pro-Newt Gingrich PAC. Figures that long-hair is behind this

    The former Speaker is making the case that, in contrast to good old fashioned businesses who make stuff, Romney and his ilk have instead gamed the system to create a soulless machine that profits from the misery of others. Whereas Republicans used to merely whisper that Bain was an electability problem for Romney, Gingrich and other candidates are now openly making the case that the invisible hand has failed to stop corporate raiders from hurting American workers — even as they condemn President Obama as a radical socialist for his rhetoric on Wall Street.

    "I am totally for capitalism, I am for free markets," Gingrich assured reporters on Monday. "Nobody objects to Bill Gates being extraordinarily rich, they provide a service." What he instead is concerned about is when an investor receives "six-to-one returns, and the company goes bankrupt."

    Isn't that essentially the exact same thing that dangerous left-wing radicals like Elizabeth Warren and Occupy Wall Street protesters have been saying? By the transitive property, I suppose that makes Newt Gingrich a dangerous left-wing radical.

    Frankly, you have to ask yourself what's wrong with a country that would allow such a blatant unapologetic socialist to get this close to the Oval Office. Historically speaking, anti-capitalist sentiments of such vehement hostility toward job creators should be met with batons and pepper spray, not television cameras.

    This Newt Gingrich guy needs to get a job and take a bath. Not necessarily in that order.

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