• Even New Hampshire Is Bored with the Election

    New Hampshire prides itself on having the first primary in the nation. It's usually an exciting day of canvassing, exit-polling and sign-waving.

    But not this year

    On Tuesday morning, it seemed like the world had indeed ended: Most of the city’s ward polling stations were lonely, quiet places.

    There was no excitement. There was no loud roar of cheers from supporters waving signs.

    There were hardly any supporters and, more telling, there were hardly any voters…

    "Where is everybody?" Mike Sokolowski said outside Charlotte Avenue Elementary School holding a Mitt Romney sign.

    A post-apocalyptic Romney landslide, just as the Mayans predicted.

    Let's face it. Mitt Romney is going to be the winner, and no one's excited about Mitt Romney. Not even Mitt Romney. Rallying for Romney is like getting pumped about a cardboard box. They're both plain, stiff and easily purchased and assembled at your local UPS store.

    Romney/Packing Tape 2012!

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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