• Rush Limbaugh on the Obamas' Quest for Reparations

    Some cultural figures have the ability to speak truth to power… And then there's Rush Limbaugh. During his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh managed to set rich, white folk back about 97 years, to the release of D. W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation.

    Like Griffith, Limbaugh uses his soapbox to perpetuate some sadly familiar stereotypes

    "Look at the way the Obamas live, with Michelle with her separate vacations and not being concerned about how much it costs to take separate airplanes, there's no question in my mind that they view this as, whatever else they view it as — as an opportunity to live high on the hog without having it cost them a dime," he continued.

    "They justify it by thinking we deserve this, or we're owed this because of what has been done to us or our ancestors — who knows."

    So, just to recap, according to Rush Limbaugh the Obamas live like royalty, and they do so because they want money without working for it and their motivation is reparations for slavery.

    Never mind that the Obamas had to take separate planes to Hawaii because of Congressional stonewalling. Never mind that Rush Limbaugh's outrage against greed is the dictionary definition of hypocritical.

    I could spend paragraphs/pages/volumes/tomes breaking down the logic of this opinion, but why bother? All we can do is laugh.

    You remember how to do that, right? It's like what you're doing now, but the exact opposite.

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