• What Does the GOP Chairman Not Want Us to Know About Mitt Romney's Penis?

    The New Hampshire primary ended in a landslide for Mitt Romney yesterday. What explains this historic victory? Many would credit his success with the lack of any viable alternative.

    But perhaps there’s something else to Romney’s engorged popularity

    Heard on C-SPAN in the 8 a.m. hour: Caller to Wayne MacDonald, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican party: "Does Mitt Romney have a big penis?"

    The embarrassed, obviously rattled, C-SPAN host quickly apologized to the Chairman. "I want to make sure I heard him right," MacDonald said, smiling widely after an initial slight eye bulge.

    The caller clearly mistook Washington Journal for C-SPAN’s usual afternoon phone-sex/budget-policy call-in show, Wonking Off.

    But the GOP Chairman's awkward silence does raise some questions: What is MacDonald hiding? What sinister secrets does he possess about Romney’s mini-Mitt? Romney has campaigned on a platform of small government, but maybe his stimulus package support was bigger than we thought.

    Now that he's off the campaign trail, I'm sure Marcus Bachmann would be more than happy to help get to the bottom of this.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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