• Mitt Romney Is the 0.001 Percent

    Here's a fun fact: If Mitt Romney ends up take the oath of office next year at this time, he won't only be our country's most Mormony president.

    He'll also be our most absurdly rich president

    If he releases his tax returns Romney runs the risk, in the current climate, of revealing just how rich he is. For the record, according to Wealth-X, he's one of the 10 richest people to run for president in the last 20 years. His net worth of $250 million makes him the third richest person to seek the oval office, after Ross Perot (#1) and Steve Forbes (#2).

    Romney's wealth makes him one of the 3,140 wealthiest people in the country — that's the richest 0.001 percent of Americans. So, he's not just the candidate of the 1 percent, but the candidate of the 0.001 percent.

    First of all, let me just say that I don't think there's anything wrong with being rich. I don't think there's anything wrong with being exorbitantly grotesquely rich. Given the choice between being exorbitantly grotesquely rich and simply disgustingly rich, I would choose exorbitantly grotesquely rich in a nanosecond and would immediately commence looking down on those disgustingly rich dirtbags.

    However, I would like to believe that — after becoming exorbitantly grotesquely rich — I'd try to lay off the "I'm unemployed" and "I've feared a pink slip" rhetoric. But only because having an exorbitantly grotesque amount of money is still not enough money to buy off looking mockably ridiculous.

    All that said, I still do think there's a way that Romney can swing this so that he looks like more of a populist. Being the 3,140th richest dude in America is still pretty low down the totem pole for our country's real blue bloods. That may seem like a small distinction to you, but I guarantee that it is not a small distinction to the 100th richest dude in America.

    So, technically speaking, Mitt Romney is in fact one the the 99.9999 percent. Stick it to The Man!

    (via Reddit)

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