• Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren Seek to Cripple Attack Ad Industry

    Scott Brown & Elizabeth WarrenI'm not sure upon which side of this issue Newt Gingrich is today, but I am absolutely positive that he would be either very impressed or extremely enraged by what's currently happening happening in the Massachusetts senate race between Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren

    Senior officials from Brown's and Warren's campaigns will soon meet to try to craft an unusual pact to curtail the influence of so-called super PACs that have grown in power since the Supreme Court's Citizens United case loosened campaign finance rules in 2010…

    "What I’d like to do is I’d like to be able to run my campaign," Warren said before a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at this city's convention center. "I'd like for Sen. Brown to run his campaign and we both be responsible for what is said. I think that is the right way to be able to run the campaign."

    Brown, speaking outside an American Legion post in Mattapan, Mass., said he's "glad professor Warren seems to be coming around on this issue," adding that he’s been calling on her to disavow outside spending for several weeks.

    And what of the sickly child of the man who breaks his back all day in an editing suite churning out attack ad after attack ad? Is that poor young thing to go to bed hungry?

    I find it disturbing to see Sen. Brown so quickly bending to the anti-capitalist tactics of admitted-academic Professor Warren.

    Photos by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe/Getty Images and U.S. Treasury Department/Wikimedia Commons

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