• Jon Huntsman Quits Race to Spend Less Time With Republican Voters

    What began as a presidential primary field crowded with ominously-named corporate-people like Godfather's Pizza and Huntsman Chemical is now down to Bain Capital and a few candidates who don't even have an evil-sounding business in their background.

    Aren't there GOP bylaws invoking a mercy rule when the field is whittled down to just one candidate who can pass as a capitalist mega-villain?

    Jon Huntsman Jr. will end his run for the Republican presidential nomination and endorse longtime rival Mitt Romney on Monday, a Huntsman campaign source said Sunday night…

    His decision to drop out came on the eve of a potentially decisive round of debates and primary voting in South Carolina and Florida, with Romney poised to lock up the nomination. It is unlikely that Huntsman's endorsement will have a significant effect, given his anemic support from GOP voters.

    Okay, perhaps distributing Huntsman's 3% of the vote isn't going to shake-up the Republican primary, but if history is any guide, dropping out of the Republican field before the likes of Rick Perry is going to have an effect on Jon Huntsman.

    Recall that after his last major political setback, a defeat in his race for senior class president, Huntsman dropped out of high school, grew out his hair, and joined a prog-rock band. So although we'll have to stay tuned for today's press conference, I assume he's announcing that Wizard is getting back together.

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