• Liveblog: The Fox News GOP Debate in South Carolina

    South Carolina primary

    10:52 – That's it for me tonight. Give us your thoughts on the debate down in the comments.

    10:51 – What! It's over already? But it feels like it just got started about twelve hours ago!

    10:46 – Mitt Romney on the subject of Newt's 30-minute attack ad against him: "It's probably the biggest hoax since bigfoot." Wait a minute, is he saying that bigfoot is real?!

    10:40 – You know, after Mitt Romney officially wins the GOP nomination, I hope all these people come back for a few more debates. You know, for fun!

    10:33 – Mitt Romney: "In the private sector you don't have a choice. You balance your budget or you go out of business." I think he either accidentally added a "don't," or he said "or" when he meant "and."

    10:31 – I'd like to meet the person who's basing his or her primary vote on this debate. You know who I mean. That one person.

    10:29 – Is Rick Santorum always represented by a Claymation figure?

    10:25 – Is Newt Gingrich "a historian"? Why is this is the first I'm hearing of this.

    10:24 – Mitt Romney paraphrased: "I'm not don't want to screw over old people. I just want to screw over people who will one day be old people."

    10:23 – I don't see why any job creators would be interested in creating jobs so long as they're still being oppressed with these regulations that restrict their ability to take human lives when they see fit.

    10:21 – Whoops, my mistake. That's Juan Williams.

    10:20 – I respect Fox News' decision to hire an extremely unattractive woman to co-moderate this debate.

    10:13 – Rick Perry wants to drop foreign aid down to zero and he thinks there should be zero space between the U.S. and Israel. That sounds like a kind of dysfunctional relationship. Israel's gay friend should probably talk it out of seeing us anymore.

    10:06 – Boo to Ron Paul's idea of treating other countries the way we would want to be treated! Booooo!!! Booooooooo!!!

    10:02 – Ron Paul: "…respect for other nations' sovereignty…" That's a nonsense phrase, right? Like something from Dr. Seuss?

    10:01 – I wonder what Jon Huntsman thinks about something or other.

    9:55 – Newt Gingrich paraphrased: "I'm going to continue help poor people find jobs scrubbing my toilet."

    9:54 – I think the audience just booed the phrase "black church."

    9:53 – Newt Gingrich: "Only the elites despise earning money." I'll bet Mitt Romney was a little offended by that.

    9:52 – Newt Gingrich really is reluctant to back pedal on his "child janitor" master plan. Probably because it's such a winning talking point.

    9:49 – Rick Santorum is mad that the Obama administration won't tell young black women that getting married will help them out of poverty. No joke there.

    9:45 – Romney got booed for having chosen to have had his father born in Mexico. I knew that was a dumb move on his part.

    9:44 – Romney says he's "probably" going to release his tax returns in April. Can't wait to see how many planets his family owns.

    9:42 – Ron Paul wants a zero percent tax. I don't know. Seems a little high.

    9:38 – I totally agree with Romney that we need to open up new markets! I want one within walking distance that sells more than one kind of onion.

    9:36 – I just recently bought a high definition television. Now I kind of regret not waiting until after Newt Gingrich dropped out of the race.

    9:35 – It's so nice how all the GOP candidates are so concerned with helping poor people pull themselves up out of poverty. Odd though how all their plans include taking things away from them.

    9:32 – "When I'm the President of the United States…" Every time Rick Perry says that, I'm overcome with the urge to buy him an ice cream cone and a new bike.

    9:29 – Romney says he doesn't want to turn the U.S. into a European-type welfare state. And yet, he speaks French. So, I don't know what to think!

    9:28 – Quiet, everyone! Mitt Romney's talking about that one time he changed his position on something.

    9:22 – It's kind of amazing how much better Rick Perry is as a failed candidate.

    9:20 – I find the words "Martin Luther King" coming out of Rick Santorum's mouth to be distasteful. Can we amend the Constitution to have that prohibited?

    9:19 – Wow, Mitt Romney does not like being told to answer questions.

    9:18 – Mitt Romney is staring at Rick Santorum like he's trying to figure out which prison he'll be sending him to after he's elected.

    9:09 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Not enough regulations! Also, too many regulations!"

    9:08 – Oh, now we're seeing what Romney's strategy is gonna be for dealing with the Bain Capital question: "Thank you for your question, now please allow me to smile at you for a minute."

    9:04 – Did Newt Gingrich just claim to have once been a "young member of Congress"? Man, the things that come out of his mouth.

    9:03 – Oh no! Fox News has Martin Luther King trapped in carbonite! This probably explains all the pig-faced guards at the debate tonight.

    9:02 – Aw, I think it would have been really classy if they'd have left an empty podium up there on stage for Jon Huntsman. And every 30 or so minutes they could silently acknowledge its existence. Just like they used to.

    9:00 – Here we go again.

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