• Occupy Wall Street's Next Target: Third Grade

    Occupy Wall Street

    With Zuccotti Park off limits, where's an Occupy protester to go? The answer, according to right-wing bloggers, is inside the impressionable minds of children

    A classroom of Charlottesville third-graders wrote songs in a music workshop about the holidays, laughter, daffodils, best friends — and the divisive Occupy protests that have spread across the country.

    That song, "Part of the 99," has outraged many because the lyrics include lines that echo the protesters' slogans…

    Conservative bloggers wrote about the song, first on the site WeaselZippers.us and then on other Web sites, skeptical of claims that the children wrote the lyrics and warning that young children were being indoctrinated in the rhetoric of class warfare. The Albe­marle County Public Schools offices were flooded with phone calls and e-mails from across the country.

    After being posted on WeaselZippers.us — in what I can only assume is a departure from the site's usual coverage of weasels, zippers, and terrible domain names — the news went viral, eventually landing on Andrew Bretibart's conspiracy-mongering Internet cesspool¬†Big Government. Breitbart and others are now intent on destroying musical agitprop-peddlers Kid Pan Alley, the non-profit that helped kids create the "anti-capitalist" song in question.

    It must be so shocking for people to discover that adults who devote their lives to helping small children write and perform music could be against the all-American pursuit of profit. And parents in the overwhelmingly middle class Albemarle County must be livid that their kids are being brainwashed into not caring about yachts, private jets and other luxury items they could never hope to afford.

    It's too bad the House Un-American Activities Committee doesn't exist any more. I mean, who knows what other freedom-hating, government-sponsored activities these kids are forced to engage in at public school: building popsicle stick communes, sharing candy, or — heaven forfend! — attending public school.

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