• Ron Paul Campaign Looking to Play a Long Game of "Moneyball"

    Ron PaulRon Paul is hoping to be the Brad Pitt of the 2016 Republican primary contest.

    Not exactly Brad Pitt per se, but Brad Pitt's character from that one movie. What's it called? No, not 12 Monkeys. That was him in the '08 campaign. I mean the other one. Not Snatch either. Rick Santorum has dibs on that character. I'm talking about Moneyball

    Mr. Paul and his advisers say they are in it to win. They see a route to obtaining the 1,144 delegates needed by not overemphasizing primaries in expensive media markets, especially those where it is harder for independents to vote, and focusing on less-flashy contests where the expected cost per delegate is weighted more in their favor.

    They will also try to win delegates through the machinery of state parties, where Paul supporters are now embedded in the apparatus. In Iowa, for example, whose delegates are not explicitly tied to caucus results, they believe they can take delegates that might otherwise be awarded to Rick Santorum, who essentially tied for first place with Mr. Romney, one Paul official said.

    This "Moneyball"-like approach to delegates, which takes a page from the 2008 campaign of Barack Obama, is about to be put into play. Mr. Paul may make only one stop in Florida before that state’s Jan. 31 primary and will instead focus his efforts after the South Carolina primary on Saturday on caucuses in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota and Nevada and other places where the cost of television and mail programs is less expensive and where election rules favor his strategy.

    Hopefully, if we're really really lucky and Ron Paul has his way, we'll end up with a long and interminable primary season lasting months and months until we all want to put a bullet inside our brains.

    Like Tree of Life.

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