• Mitt Romney Can't Distinguish Between Large and Small Sums of Money

    Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney might feel a little besieged lately by his Republican opponents, who've decided that he's a job-killing tycoon who doesn't have enough of a problem with gay people doing it. But at least he's not being chased around by a mob of villagers wielding torches and pitchforks and other primitive tools he's never heard of.

    Which, considering what he recently said about his personal finances at a South Carolina rally, is kind of remarkable…

    "…I get speakers fees from time to time, but not very much," [Romney said].

    According to his personal financial disclosure report released in August, Romney was paid more than $370,000 for speaking appearances in the 2011-2011 filing period.

    But before you get angry and grab your torch and pitchfork (or a pitchfork with the non-fork end set on fire; I call it the torchfork), try to see this from Romney's perspective. For him, $370,000 isn't that much — this is a guy who made a $10,000 bet just because that's how much he happened have in the pants he was wearing.

    But still, Romney might have to do some damage control. He's already opened up about the squalor of living in a beautiful foreign country as a young man. Maybe now he can talk about what a pain it is when they forget to have a fresh Danish waiting in your limousine, even though you specifically told them, "Danish!"

    Who can't relate to that?

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