• Rick Perry Is Losing Badly in Texas, Too

    Poor Rick Perry. He’s been polling abysmally for several months, and now it appears his sagging support has finally drooped all the way down to his home state of Texas.

    It's probably a relief. With his percentages so low, Perry won't be forced to think about large numbers anymore. According to Public Policy Polling

    Rick Perry's Presidential campaign is doing about as bad in Texas now as it is everywhere else in the country. When PPP last polled the state in September he was at 49%, leading Mitt Romney by 39 points. Now Perry's support has declined by 31 points, leaving him in 3rd place at 18%…

    It's not just that Texas Republicans are no longer planning to vote for Perry- a lot of them even feel that Perry's candidacy has hurt Texas' image. 39% of GOP voters think his candidacy has been a negative for perceptions of the state, while only 13% believe it's been a positive.

    That's right, the state known for inventing deep-fried Twinkies, executing the mentally disabled and (relatedly) producing George W. Bush now believes Rick Perry is giving it a bad name. No word yet on how the state's racially insensitive hunting ranches will try to distance themselves from the candidate.

    Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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