• Louisiana Politician to Save Economy with Anti-Pajama Law

    Still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, Louisiana is finally making strides toward recovery thanks to the bold striped-flannel vision of a local parish leader in Shreveport

    Michael Williams, a commissioner in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, is seeking to ban pajamas from the streets after seeing a couple men in public with pajama pants and no underwear, their "private parts about to come out," reports KSDK.

    What's the parish leader's rationale? It's not (only) because PJs look, well, less than professional as outerwear. No, he wants to bowdlerize your Snuggie because it's morally bankrupt:

    "The moral fiber in our community is dwindling," Williams says. "If not now, when? Because it's pajama pants today, next it will be underwear tomorrow."

    With many cities suffering from a depressed economy, high unemployment, and the lasting emotional scars of both natural and man-made disasters, this is a brilliant, totally necessary law. By preventing residents from strutting around town in pajamas, officials are forcing them to purchase new non-pajama clothes, thereby stimulating the local economy.

    It remains to be seen whether the proposed law will be a partial pajama ban or a blanket pajama ban. Or whether there will be a blanket blanket ban. There's virtually no limit to the fleece-based solutions to Louisiana's social and economic woes.

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