• Ron Paul Would Hand Re-election to Barack Obama

    Let's say you're a Democrat with a fat check for $500,000 dollars in your hand. You'd like to give it put it towards President Obama's re-election campaign, but handing money over to his super PAC looks like it'd be about as useful as burning it on a pyre to the incorporal spirit of George Soros. Which is to say, only a little bit.

    Here's a crazy idea. You could contribute it to Ron Paul's campaign. No, not his Republican campaign. His possibly eventual independent third party campaign. That seems to be Obama's best shot at ensuring he'd get to keep his comfy chair in that oval-shaped room

    In a general election matchup, 50% of registered voters say they would vote for Obama while 45% support Romney. That is little changed from November (49% Obama, 47% Romney), and early October (48% each).

    The survey finds that a third-party campaign by Ron Paul would clearly work to Obama's advantage: In this scenario, 44% of registered voters say they would favor Obama, 32% would back Romney and 18% would back Paul.

    Paul has repeatedly said he is not contemplating a third-party run, but has not ruled it out. While most of Paul's backing in a three-person race comes from independent voters, they are independents who disproportionately lean Republican. A Paul candidacy would also appeal to many conservative Republicans, siphoning votes from the core Republican base as well.

    So, is there any chance that Ron Paul would actually run as a third party candidate? I'd love to say there is, but I just can't imagine it. Think about it: Do you really think that Ron Paul would risk putting himself at complete odds with the Republican elite and alienating himself from party's national base?

    I mean, more so?

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