• "Survivor" Blazes Trail for Villainous Gay Republicans

    Now, ordinarily I don't follow news concerning CBS's Survivor, mostly because I live nowadays and not a decade ago. However, I found this little nugget of information about the new season (aside from the fact that there is a new season) rather interesting

    Of course, no Survivor is complete without a villain, and [the show's host Jeff] Probst says this season's baddie comes in the form of gay Republican Colton Cumbie.

    "He doesn't know it, but he is a full-on villain. He thinks he's the most charming guy ever. He’s a devil and I don't even think he’s disguised."

    Brilliant! This gives everybody something to hate: Democrats can hate him because he's a Republican, straight Republicans can hate him because he's gay and closeted gay Republicans can also hate him because he's gay.

    Unfortunately, out gay Republicans can't hate him for anything, because they don't exist.

    (via Towleroad)

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