• Democrats Not Expected to Win Back House in 2012, Unless . . .

    Democratic hopes of returning former ineffectual Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to her ineffectual job being ineffectual may be dashed this Novemeber, according to some numbers which have recently been crunched by some number crunchers

    Democrats need to win 25 additional House seats to retake the speaker's gavel next year. In order for them to do that, President Obama will need to win next year, and that probably won’t be enough.

    What Democrats really need is a poisonous, damaged Republican nominee who not only loses to Obama but causes harm down the ticket.

    Hmmmmmm… A "poisonous, damaged Republican nominee," you say?

    Alright! The Republicans are on it!

    The question I posed yesterday — does Newt Gingrich have momentum in South Carolina? — now appears to have an unambiguous answer. Yes, Mr. Gingrich does have momentum — and a lot of it…

    The model now shows a virtual tie in the race, with Mr. Gingrich projected to get 34 percent of the vote and Mr. Romney 33.6 percent and each candidate having about a 50 percent chance of winning.

    What else do you need? Whatever it is, I'm relatively certain it can be arranged. If not already in the pipeline.

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