• Herman Cain Endorses "People," Will Deliver State of the Union Response

    Herman CainSo, apparently, Herman Cain is still a thing. Despite all valiant efforts to derail the Cain Train on its path to Nomination Station, Cain — like a rusty barnacle on the underbelly of American celebri-politics — managed to stick around and reassert himself as a powerful force in the Tea Party.

    We might be done with Herman Cain, but Herman Cain sure ain't done with us

    Herman Cain will deliver the Tea Party Express response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

    Tea Party Express, a political action committee, announced on Thursday that the former presidential candidate would be the speaker. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who also ran for president, was the Tea Party Express speaker in 2011…

    Also on Thursday Cain spoke at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in South Carolina where he revealed his presidential endorsement. He said he decided to endorse all "we the people."

    The opposition's response to the State of the Union address is usually reserved for, you know, actual politcians, not political sideshows. But this is Herman Cain. And as we all know, Herman Cain is no ordinary man.

    An ordinary man would take his disgraceful exit from American politics as a gentle hint to stay far away from the spotlight. An ordinary man wouldn't make surreal campaign ads or sing about pizza. And an ordinary man certainly wouldn't endorse "the people" who turned against him and booted him out of a presidential race.

    Then again, it's still unclear exactly who "the people" are that Cain endorsed. Based on his known preferences, "the people" he supports are probably just sexy single mothers from Georgia.

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