• Newt Gingrich Thinks He Should Be President of Everything

    Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich wants to bring change to America. The problem is, he hasn’t changed since 1970.

    According to a Wall Street Journal profile of Newt as a young history professor, he's had the same infuriatingly high levels of "ambition and intellectual grandeur for at least 42 years

    A year into his first full-time teaching job, Newt Gingrich applied to be college president, submitting with his application a paper titled "Some Projections on West Georgia College's Next Thirty Years."

    Mel Steely, a history professor who played a role in Mr. Gingrich's hiring in 1970, said the bid drew "a chuckle" from administrators. The following year, Mr. Gingrich applied to be chairman of the history department. That wasn't greeted so kindly, Mr. Steely said…

    "We weren't going to make Newt our chairman, but he liked the idea of competing for almost anything," said Mr. Steely… "He figured 'I'm capable of doing this,' and it didn't bother him so much that it offended anybody."

    So what if Newt thought he should be college president after he had taught for a year and hadn't even finished his dissertation. He's an "ideas" man, not a "good ideas" man.

    And why stop at president of a college or the United States? Newt helped his wife Callista write a book about a patriotic elephant — he could be a zookeeper! Newt went on a cruise through the Greek islands — he could be Aristotle! Newt performed well at the debates — he could beat Barack Obama!

    Ha, just kidding.

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