• Tornado Watch in South Carolina: What Does it Mean?

    TornadoIt's a known fact that weather plays a role in primary elections, because it gives the 24-hour news networks something to focus on when they run out of footage of people exiting elementary schools. Never before has this fact been more true, because there are actual scary-sounding tornadoes predicted for parts of South Carolina today.

    Luckily, Indecision's own Dennis DiClaudio has written an entire book about weather. I keep a copy at my desk and a spare in my purse, so I turned to page 112 for an informed explanation of tornadoes and their impact:

    For every one worthwhile thing we don't understand about tornadoes, there are at least three dozen totally effing bizarre things we do know about them. For example, we know that they have a strange affinity for naked chickens.

    Got it. So I think this means Rick Santorum will do better than expected in the Low Country.

    Photo by Steve Bronstein/Stone/Getty Images

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