• Bain Capital Is Ruining Mitt Romney's Life

    It all just seems so unfair. A guy spends years of his life working tirelessly to provide a for his family, to fulfill the dreams of his father, to build a name he can be proud of. And then what happens? Bain Capital comes along and destroys everything he worked for all that time. He is left potentially unemployed and cast out from the house for which he spent his life working. And for what? For the benefit of a few millionaires.

    It's a tough lot that Mitt Romney has drawn, I'll tell ya

    The verdict is in: Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital problem is real. Of all the forces that converged to doom Romney in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, none may be as disconcerting for Republicans as the attacks on Romney's private equity work — an offensive that caught Romney off-guard and triggered a damaging conversation about his vast personal wealth…

    Now, the Bain issue is front and center, wrapping up an array of Democratic and Republican criticisms of Romney in a neat, single-syllable package. And as Romney seeks to regroup from his weekend defeat, Republicans are asking: Why wasn't he better prepared to handle all this?

    "As a result of his post-New Hampshire problems and the South Carolina results, Gov. Romney will get better on Bain and tighten up on taxes or he won’t be our nominee," said Republican strategist Tucker Eskew, a veteran of South Carolina politics.

    Can you even believe such a thing can happen in a country like America?

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